Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the scriptures. Luke 24:27

There are two ways you can use the material in Commonwealth Bible Academy to grow as a Christian:

  1. Review the videos and documents on your own and use them for your own personal study.
  2. Take the course you're interested in. During the course, you'll see the same videos and documents, except you'll submit the documents with your answers for feedback thus providing you with an increased amount of learning.

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The Books and The Book

The purpose of this material is to help develop a better sense of the identity of each Bible book and general understandings of the chronological and theological flow of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Watch the video below and then click on the link to a pdf to review the lesson.

(This is the same video from the front page)

The Books Instructions

The Books Part One


Understanding God's Purpose for the Church

(This is the same video from the front page)

Watch the videos below and then click on the link to a pdf to review the lesson.

Lesson 1 - God's Intention

This is the first study of three in the series. We are taking a "Top Down" approach by starting with what the end game of both Christianity in general and discipleship in particular look like.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 2 - Developing the Plan

The second lesson will look at background influences on the church model. We want to explore in this how "Promise, King and Kingdom," and the "Coming of the Holy Spirit" all worked together to introduce the Messianic Age.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 3 - Coming to Jesus

The third lesson will look at how a man or woman is expected to respond to an invitation to enter the Kingdom. The elements of the invitation and the appropriate response will be seen as individually significant, but even more powerfully understood as they work together.

Lesson Plan